In life, people struggle to survive.  The same goes for their children.  Only a father knows how much a father loves his children.

Who is Arjun BK?

 Arjun B.K, who  from Kailali and is currently working in Kathmandu, his father of a son. His wife left him 4 month ago , Arjun is now raising his son as both mother and father. He becomes a mother his self , puts her son on him shoulders and goes to work.

 What is a father's love for his children?  Only a father knows that.

They are working day and night for a bright future for their son.  Arjun B.K carries his children on a daily basis in the same way.

 The immense love and responsibility towards the children can be seen in the hard work of a father.  Arjun is an example of that

 Behind The reason Arjun BK Viral

 Rickshaw driver Arjun B.K,  has gone viral on social media.  The photo of her 2-year-old son Bikas with a shirt wrapped around his back and walking to work has gone viral.

Arjun B.K, who also has 3 dons of Taekwondo in sports, has been left alone in Lockdown after his family left him and his son Bikas with him.  He said that his wife had left him due to a family dispute at home.

Arjun BK Wants to be Artist 

 Arjun, who came to Kathmandu with the desire to become an artist, used to work in the shooting line a year ago. He got very miserable in his life. Then he started selling crutches in the same rickshaw, but Lockdown closed his business and now he can't find any work.  At the same time, a photo of her carrying the baby went viral on social media.

 While working in the shooting spot, he said that he has fed many famous Nepali artists from Pal Shah.  He said that he has a desire to become a singer in the future and if the money is collected, he will definitely release a song.  When he first learned to ride a rickshaw, he had a lot of problems.  There are 10 stitches on the legs.  Thankfully she took her son that day, I was just hurt, he said showing his hurt.

 He said that he would use the money he earned now for his son's future.  He said that he has started driving a rickshaw to fulfill his dream of singing.  He has seen his future in this little boy.


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