The world cricket world has been badly affected by the Corona epidemic. The game schedule and competition are chaotic. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has postponed the T20 World Cup in Australia from October to November. Now there will be three World Cups in the next three consecutive years.

Australia will host the T20 World Cup in October-November 2021. Which Nepal cannot play in the World Cup. In 2018, Nepal became the champion in the Eastern Sub-Region selection and reached the Asia selection. The ICC T20 World Cup in Singapore in July last year was marred by poor performances. The Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Namibia, Scotland, and Oman made it to the World Cup qualifiers in the UAE.
India will host the T20 World Cup in October-November 2022. Nepal is likely to play in this World Cup. Last January, four nations, including Nepal, were given a direct chance by the ICC to qualify for the World Cup on the basis of T20I rankings till January 1, 2020. Nepal was in the 12th position and had a direct opportunity. The global election will be held in March-July 2021. It is yet to be decided in which country it will take place.
The top 12 teams from the World Cup in Australia will have a direct chance at next year's World Cup. Along with the four teams at the bottom of the World Cup, Nepal, UAE, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong, which are directly selected on the basis of ranking, will compete in the global qualifiers with a total of 16 teams. The top four teams in the global selection will make it to the World Cup.
In 2023, India will have a one-day World Cup in October-November. Only 10 teams will compete in the World Cup. Seven ODI teams including Nepal are competing in World Cup League 2. The league, which runs from 2019 to 2022, will feature 126 ODIs in a total of 21 triangular series, including home away.
Each team will play 36 ODIs. The top three teams will make it to the ODI World Cup qualifiers. The bottom four teams will play in the play-offs. In the play-off, a total of six teams will compete with the winners from Challenge League A and B along with four teams from League 2. From which the top two teams will get the opportunity to play in the World Cup qualifiers. Along with these five teams, five teams from the Super League will compete in the one-day World Cup qualifiers. The top two teams will play in the 2023 World Cup.
Competition has started between the 14th to 20th ranked teams in the World Cup League 2 and the Associate 21st to 36th ranked teams in Challenge A and B. Corona has been affected.

How is the Netherlands in the Super League?
The Netherlands won the ICC World Cup League Championship 2015-17, giving them a chance to play in the Super League with the Test team.
K ho super lig?
There are 13 teams in the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League (WCL). WCL will run from 2020 to 2022. The league will feature 12 Test teams and a total of 13 teams from the Netherlands. There will be a total of 156 ODIs. Each team will play 24 ODIs.
There will be three two-sided series. After this league, the top seven teams other than India will make it to the 2023 World Cup. As India is a home team, it will get a direct chance. The bottom five teams have to play in the World Cup qualifiers.

Nepal's plan to play the World Cup is zero
With the current preparations and strategy, Nepal is unlikely to play in the World Cup. There is no strategy, thinking, preparation, and planning for the future of Nepal. Nepal, which has been performing poorly lately, has to move forward with new and different strategies and preparations for the 2021 and 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Lately, Nepal has lost to countries like Singapore, Qatar, and Malaysia.
Preparations a month or two before the start of the tournament alone are not enough to reach the World Cup. Because the competition is high at the level that Nepal is playing now. Nepal will have to beat three Test teams to make it to the ODI World Cup. This is like a dream It seems necessary to pay more attention to how to save ODI recognition after 2022 than Nepal's one-day World Cup.

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