In Baluwatar on July 20, CPN (Maoist) Chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli made a proposal to Executive Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Prachanda

"There is a deadlock in the party. We will resolve all differences from there, I will run the entire term of the Prime Minister, we will discuss the rest of the leadership, 'Oli said.
In a conversation with some central members in Khumaltar on Friday, Prachanda revealed about Oli's proposal. Prachanda also said that he had accepted Oli's proposal to hold a general convention soon.
'I couldn't say no. Let's talk with the friends of the standing committee about what happened to the general convention. If they agree, they can be taken away, let's discuss, 'a CPN (Maoist) leader told Nepalkhabar quoting Prachanda.
According to the agreement reached between the two presidents, Oli proposed to hold the general convention in November.
Senior leader Madhav Nepal was shocked to see Prachanda silently on Oli's proposal in the meeting.
He immediately said, "I will launch a nationwide campaign against the two presidents if they try to resolve the current dispute only through mutual consent."
The secretariat meeting ended without any conclusion.
Oli and Prachanda went to Sheetal Niwas to reach this agreement with President Vidyadevi Bhandari as a witness. General Secretary Bishnu Poudel and Standing Committee Member Janardan Sharma were also present.
But before the agreement could be signed, Oli made another offer to Prachanda.
"I will take the proposal from the General Convention that you will also be the president. You will also be the prime minister for five years after the next election," Oli told Prachanda.
Prachanda wondered what that meant.
In response, Oli said, "You have to carry a jab."
"Then let's not talk about it," said Prachanda. "Should you join the UML and become the president and prime minister first?"
Prachanda clarified that he would not accept the proposal to take the party back to the UML after the UML and the UCPN (M) had dissolved the center and formed the CPN (Maoist).
On Friday morning, Oli had raised the issue of Prachanda whenever he reached Baluwatar for discussion.
"I went to discuss how to convene the meeting convened on the 13th," Prachanda told central members.
Prachanda has become more dissatisfied after Oli repeated Jabaj's condition.
Speaking on the occasion of Pushpalal Memorial Day held in Lalitpur immediately after meeting Oli in Baluwatar, Prachanda expressed his dissatisfaction.
He said that the party was in a serious crisis due to factionalism and ideological differences.
Referring to Oli's request to accept Prachanda, Prachanda warned that the party would move towards division.
"We used to call it socialist-oriented people's democracy as a political line of action, but now we seem to be trying to go back," Prachanda said.
While arguing with Oli, Prachanda attended the same program with Madhav Nepal and expressed his indignation towards Oli.
He also accused the UML of trying to register the party through Oli's activism. He complained that he was forced to hold a party meeting. He also said that the party was dominated by power and individualistic character rather than collective decision.
Speaking on the occasion, senior leader Nepal said that any attempt to split the CPN (Maoist) would not be successful.
In the program, Prachanda and Nepal expressed the same view.
A group of leaders including central members who had gathered at the same event had reached Prachanda's residence in Khumaltar. Prachanda has made it clear to the group that he is not ready to accept Oli's condition.
After that, Nepal's fears were
allayed. At the secretariat meeting on July 19, Oli and Prachanda agreed to go to the general convention soon. He speculated that there may have been a secret agreement between Oli and Prachanda.
However, after an argument with Oli at Shital Niwas, Prachanda issued a statement through his secretariat saying that there was no agreement.
The next day, Prachanda decided to meet Madhav Nepal. The day before, Nepal was not alone in reaching Khumaltar with a team of influential leaders of the Standing Committee. During the meeting, Prachanda urged Nepal to be reassured that there was no agreement with his Oli. Since then, Prachanda and Nepal have been in regular dialogue. There is uniformity even in the views expressed by them.
On Friday, the two leaders attended two events together. He attended the seventh memorial day of Nara Bahadur Karmacharya, the founding leader of the CPN (Maoist). After that, the two also participated in the Pushpalal Memorial Day program.

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