A few days ago, a photo went viral on social media. There was nothing objectionable in the photo - the back of a young woman sitting on the back of a motorcycle wearing jeans was slightly visible. People were teasing the girl on the street by posting photos on Facebook. I had written a short blog on this subject on Saturday - I thought that the frustration that had gone viral because of my backbone would have been over.
What to eat! Online media appeared at a time when our 'Facebook Bureau of Investigation' (FBI) and YouTube detectives were 'failing'. An online media outlet called MediaWally ran the news on Monday afternoon, calling it an "investigation." 
The investigation was so thorough that not only the name of the motorcycle but also the name, surname, and position of the young man and woman seen in the photo were mentioned. Suppose they are big criminals. If their names, surnames, and positions of work are not made public, it will be a great loss to the people.
The administrative head of the village municipality also leaked all the details of his employees to the media just as his employees committed heinous crimes.
Why are other online sites silent after so much research?
It started to be copied and pasted. Copypaste is also such that MediaWally wrote 'Chitol' without knowing how to write 'Control'. is a code number for government employees. They came to Kathmandu from Dhading to fill the same.
What he wrote in Chitol, all the thieves online made news by writing Chital. That's all, and type chipper copied and pasted the words 'official in the guidelines 2072'.
One of those who copied and pasted such a mistake was the 'Citizen-Times', which claims to be 'journalism for social responsibility'. It had put the employee's place of work in the headline and revealed the name, surname, and position in the news. Later the name and surname have been removed.
The number one online 'online news' has also attracted visitors after the news on viral topics was written by others. That's why other online news outlets have been going viral since the afternoon.
In other words, the online news has finally made the news at 8 pm by 'searching' on the 'investigation' of the girl who showed her back as other online people did during the day and the boy who put her on a motorcycle.
There are also new things that others have not noticed in the search for online news - the photo went viral by former secretary Bhim Upadhyaya by uploading it. Upadhyay, while in government service, once wrote on social media that the moon turned upside down during an earthquake. I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm not saying it's right, I've never taken it seriously, I don't know what kind of person it is. But now he has become very viral. Virals have a problem - how to post very viral content. Due to the same pressure, they do what they come without verifying. They don't care what effect it has.
According to the online news, the village head has said that the girl's back is seen from the bottom to the bottom of the coat. News has sold a lot, news writers and sellers may be rioting.
The case has spread from social media to online media after a number of mainstream online also wrote. Now only the national daily has to write. No matter how much he writes, it seems to me that the issue was not because of his back but because of his teeth. As I wrote earlier, this is not a photo, people's frustration has gone viral.
They initially enjoyed looking at each other's bodies in the photo. The back looked from top to bottom. He removed the black dress in his own imagination. I didn't even see the clothes after removing them in my imagination. Then jealousy arose- 'I couldn't find a girl like this.' Then I looked down at the photo, the number plate below was red in white. That is the government. Now another excuse was found - can a girl be found on a government number plate like this?
If you look at the 'research' of these online people, you know that they were not in office work. The civil servants had gone to the library to fill the control. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Contract employees do not have to pay control.
Looking at the current debate, it has become mandatory to wear such a dress to go out in public after becoming a government employee. Similarly, in a vehicle with a government number plate, it is possible to wear a caucus, not a caucus, it is not possible to wear a carousel, it is not possible to wear jeans because you are wearing jeans, it is not possible to wear a pair of jeans with holes. And whether you can find someone wearing a mini skirt or not - you have to make rules and enforce them immediately.

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