The world football's most prestigious individual title, the Ballon d'Or, will not be held this year. France Football, which grants the title, said in a statement on Monday that the title would be revoked this year.

The title, which has been dominated by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for the past decade, has been revoked for the first time since 1956. The organizers said that the grounds needed to declare the title winner was not justifiably sufficient and decided to cancel it. While some leagues have been canceled due to corona infection, some leagues have been terminated by playing many games in a short time.
Since this year's title winner will not be announced, last year's winner will be able to hold the title for one year. Last year, Barcelona captain Messi was named the best male player. Megan Rapino of the United States became the best female athlete. Mathis de Light of the Netherlands and Juventus was named the best young player and Alison Baker of Liverpool and Brazil the best goalkeeper.
This year, as in the past, Messi and Ronaldo were contenders for the title. Along with the two, Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski and Manchester City's Kevin de Bruyne were seen as rivals. Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema also came forward as contenders. Let's see the performance of the claimant players:
Lionel Messi:
For Messi personally, this season has not been the same as last season. Messi, who has not won a title for Barcelona this season, has his last hopes in the Champions League. He won the Pichichi Trophy with 25 goals in the league. He also provided the best performance in the history of the league by providing 21 assists.
Cristiano Ronaldo :
With a poor start to the season, there were many questions about Ronaldo's career. Some even cut the million that Ronaldo's demise began. But Ronaldo made a great comeback and silenced all the critics. Ronaldo, who has been scoring consecutive goals since Corona, has already scored 30 goals in the league. With the league games still to come, he is likely to win the European Golden Boot.
Robert Lewandowski:
This time, Lewandowski was the strongest contender for the title. He was instrumental in helping Bayern Munich win the German League title. He also set a record by scoring 34 goals in the league. He was able to continue his performance in the Champions League until the final, his title was almost certain.
Cabine de Bruyne:
The Belgian midfielder, who has been scoring goals and assists in Manchester City's midfield, has been consistent in his performance. He has provided 18 assists in the Premier League. Even if Liverpool wins the Premier League title, that doesn't stop him from being named Player of the Year. He is also seen as a contender as City is still in the Champions League.
Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema:
The pair of Ramos and Benzema played a key role in stunning Barcelona to win the La Liga title. While Benzema provided goals and assists in the attack, Ramos even managed to score a few goals while defending. After Corona, these two gave energy to Real, which is unbeaten in 11 consecutive games, to the league title.

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