India is arbitrarily constructing a road leading to Limpiyadhura through the Nepalese territory east of the Mahakali River. The Border Roads Organization (BRO) of India has expedited the construction of Gunji-Jolincan road in the wake of the Corona epidemic. 
Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had inaugurated the road from Tawaghat to Mansarovar on April 10. Amar Ujala, an Indian daily newspaper, has recently written that a road is being constructed to go to religious places like Kailash. 
That road passes through Nepali land Gunji, Nabhi, Kuti. It is mentioned in the news that the work of opening a 34 km track has been completed. "The BRO has completed the work of opening (cutting) the track from Gunji to Jolinkan after linking the Tawaghat-Lipulek road," writes Amar Ujala. As soon as the bridge is built, access to Kailash becomes easy. Earlier, one had to walk for two days to reach Kailash, but after the construction of the road, one can reach Gunji in an hour and a half. '
Limpiadhura is about 15 kilometers northwest of Jolinkan. China has already built a road near Limpiadhura. Kailash is located in the Jolin can Mountains. It is called local Chhota Kailash. Those who cannot reach Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, China, etc., visit Kailash and return after bathing in the nearby Parvati Kund. Etc. Kailash and Parvati Kunda fall on Indian soil across the Mahakalipari. However, it is not easy to get there from Indian territory. That is why he is building roads from the land encroached by India on the Mahakali River. 
It is mentioned in the news that two bridges have been constructed between Gunji and Kuti. By the end of July, the third bridge will be completed in the Ghat Khola canal of Kuti village. The other two bridges are also expected to collapse by September. With the construction of these bridges, the Indian security forces, who have encroached on Nepali territory including the navel and hut, will be able to move around easily. 
The BRO has mobilized one thousand locals for road construction. Residents of Kuti, Gunji, Nabhi, Bandi, Gabryang, Napalchu, Rokang, and other places have been involved in road construction. 
India has given priority to Lipulek-Mansarovar and Gunji-Jolinkan roads. India had released its map on November 2, 2019, covering the Nepalese lands of Lipulek, Limpiyadhura, and Kalapani. Despite Nepal's protests, India did not enter the talks. He then encroached on Nepali territory and inaugurated the road. After that, Nepal also released its political and administrative map including Limpiyadhura, Lipulek, and Kalapani. The new map has been approved by the House of Representatives on June 13 and the Constitution Amendment Bill has been ratified by the President on June 16.
Border experts and experts in the diplomatic field say that India should be pressured to stop the construction of both roads in Nepali territory. Border researcher Kamal Baral suggests that a press note be sent to India immediately to stop construction on Nepali soil. He said that the government should be serious about the security of Nepali territory. 
According to him, the government has resisted the encroachment of the map by making a map including Limpiyadhura. He said that the map should be registered with the United Nations and an environment should be created for its establishment in the international arena. "We have to set up a Border Observation Post (BOP) of the Armed Police in parallel with India," he said. Tens of thousands including the territory encroached by India should be cleared. '
The local administration seems to be aware of the fact that India is building roads on Nepali land unilaterally. Darchula Chief District Officer Sharad Kumar Pokhrel said that the road being built by India towards Lipulek and Limpiyadhura was affected due to floods and landslides. "India is constructing a road from here to Lipulek and from Gunji to Limpiyadhura," he told Annapurna by telephone. '
He said that the road being built by the Nepal Army towards Nepal could not move forward due to floods and landslides. According to him, one hundred quintals of food has been sent to Chhangru and Tinker.
'India should be made to stop work'
- Budhinarayan Shrestha
Nepal has no access to the Limpiadhura area. Even if the residents of Chhangru and Tinker reach Gunji secretly, it is not possible for Nepalis to go to that navel and hut. Indian security personnel does not allow Nepalis to enter Nepal's land. This means that Nepalis are not allowed to enter the area.
The river Kali comes from Limpiyadhura. That is our western border. The water coming from Parvati Kund is also mixed in Kali. India is also building a road from Gunji to Jolinkan. Meanwhile, the road is being constructed in full swing even though it is passing through Lipulek. It is planned to build only two kilometers to reach Lipulec. He is building it by 2020. When the link road 80 km through Tawaghat-Lipulek was inaugurated, there was only one lane. The goal is to make it double lane and paved by 2022. Nepal had to stop building roads towards Limpiyadhura and Lipulek. For that, we have to make a diplomatic effort.
India is preparing to send pilgrims to Kailash Mansarovar via Lipulek. To send 16 teams at the rate of 60/60 people, which has also called for advertisements from 13th to September. Online registration has also been opened at 180,000. Indian pilgrims have been going to Mansarovar from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Hilsa in Nepal and Nathula in Sikkim, India. The Government of Nepal should also stop India's preparations to send Mansarovar from Lipulek. 

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