Bijay Shahi takes 5 to 10 minutes to memorize a book but it takes 3 to 4 hours to memorize a formula with only 26 words, says Bijay Shahi. In the recent interview with Bhagya Neupane and Rishi Dhamala, he seems to have taken no time.

Succeeding in setting a world record by memorizing 102 words in 30 seconds, Bijaya Shahi's formula will surely make the life of Nepali students easier, and Bijaya Biswa is convinced that the formula will amaze the world. After Arpan Sharma, Bijay is considered to be the memory king. Born in Calicut, Vijay holds the world record behind India's Memory King. Bijay is preparing to study MBBS Doctor. Bijay Shahi has said in the video that he will go to NASA as soon as the lockdown opens and make available to the world a formula that will make it easy for everyone to read a 200-page book in 4.5 hours.

Vijay Shahi who is now known not only in Nepal but all over the world as a memory king. He is a local youth from Calicut. Shahi has set a world record as a memory king. He set a world record by memorizing more than 100 words in 30 seconds. In an interview with his brother and friend Manish Shrestha (who also holds the world record), Shahi has also shown his magic in a live video. After Vijay Shahi of Calicut set a world record in the Memory King category, there was excitement in Calicut. He became famous all over the world in an instant. He worked hard and struggled for that. After Shahi memorized 70 words from the front and back in one minute, he managed to set a world record by beating the Indian competitor.

Many things have started coming to Bijay Shahi.
How many people say that Bijay Shahi is doing all this from Tantra Mantra
But Bijay Shahi says it is wrong. I have made a formula of 26 words myself. To everyone's surprise, Bijay Shahi is now receiving death threats. If someone gives him Rs 10 million, then leave Nepal and tell him not to tell this formula to anyone, says Bijay Shahi.

After many memory kings, Bijaya Shahi has put his name in the first place in the account of the world memory king.

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