AGENCY - Spanish La Liga champions Real Madrid are now facing a challenge in the transfer market. It will not be easy for the team to sell the existing players.

Gareth Bale, who is not happy with coach Zinedine Zidane, is unwilling to leave the club, according to his agent Jonathan Barnett. Despite winning the La Liga title, Bell did not play a significant role in the team. He also did not enjoy the success of the team.
The French coach did not pay much attention to Bell throughout the season. Perhaps he was unwilling to give her the credit for the team's success. The former Tottenham forward was expected to move to China last year. However, Bell himself did not want to go there. He did not want to leave the club as he could not be selected by the coach.
He hoped the coach would give him a chance, but it didn't work out. Then he was injured. Due to which he rested for a long time. Even then, he continued to be discussed for various reasons. One of which was playing golf.
"Even when La Liga started after a long delay due to Codiv 19, he could not be Zidane's priority. Not only in the first selection, he was not used as a changed player.
Zidane does not want to train Bell. But he has two years left on his contract with the club, "said Barnett." He is happy in Madrid. So he doesn't go anywhere. '
Barnett said Bell had a good relationship with other players, although the decision not to play him was made by the coach. 'Bell has not been so sad. He has not complained to Zidane, "he said." He is practicing every day. Although Zidane is successful, he does not want to use Bell. '
Clubs have also been facing financial difficulties due to Covid 19. In the next two years, the club will have to pay him 17 million euros. 'Zidane is not happy. When there is no bell, it affects the team. But he does not want to leave ', he said,' In the current situation, the players are not in a position to leave the club. Bell is one of the best players in the world. But he does not want to go into debt. Now there are not many teams that can take him.

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